New Servicing Procedures: Keeping You Safe


On Monday 18th May, all Johnson & Perrott workshops will be reopening to the public. We have always recognised that the safety of our customers and staff is paramount and in the current climate, adherence to this is more important than ever.

As a result we have introduced a number of new measure to protect our customers and staff.

Social Distancing

We have changed how we interact with customers and rearranged our showrooms to ensure that customers and staff can always maintain the required social distancing as per government guidelines.


Extra cleaning procedures are in effect. This includes additional cleaning of desks, customer areas and a thorough disinfecting of common touch points on your vehicle. An ozone-based sanitisation will also be undertaken – this is an odourless, inert gas that kills 99% of viruses and bacteria that could potentially reside in your car.


We have sanitise stations at each entrance providing disinfectant gel for our customers. A no handshake rule is in effect and our new stricter policies require our technicians working on your car to wash their hands and change gloves between each vehicle they work on.

New Service Procedures

What to expect when you arrive to service your car:

  • In advance of your visit, you will receive a specific appointment time. Please keep to this time to ensure that we can control the number of people on site. If possible, please bring the car/enter the building by yourself.
  • Before your visit, we will call and confirm your appointment and carry out a contactless check in process. This is to help minimise the time you spend at our service reception. Your key will be disinfected on arrival and before collection (please remove any additional keys before you arrive).
  • When we receive your vehicle, all touch points will be disinfected and a protection pack used (steering wheel covers, gear knob covers, seat and floor covers). Our team change gloves for each vehicle they work on and wash their hands between every job.
  • Once the work is complete, we again disinfect all touch points and sanitise the car using an ozone-based system to kill over 99% of viruses and bacteria in your car. The car is then locked until your arrival. 
  • As part of your service, a free health check will be undertaken, and all repair/invoice explanations will be done by phone.
  • When it is time for you to collect, we offer contactless payments methods including Apple & Google pay. In the event you wish to pay by chip ad pin, we will provide protective gloves so you may use card payment machines.

For more information, please contact us via telephone 021 461 5200 or email [email protected].



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